EU: Parliament clashes with Commission over hydrogen

MEPs are applying further pressure in the disagreement over the regulations for the promising hydrogen economy.

In spite of her statements, Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson has yet to submit a commensurate directive, and Markus Pieper, a CDU delegate, is the designated parliamentary rapporteur and is now threatening to act alone. According to a letter from Pieper to his colleagues from the political groups, he suggests addressing the matter in the concurrent discussions on a renewable energy directive with the Council of Member States. The background involves a long-running disagreement over how green hydrogen will be defined in the future, for instance in the petrochemical industry. The Commission will only label an energy source as sustainable if it continuously sources the required electricity from newly constructed wind and solar parks.

On the other hand, in order to hasten the expansion of the youthful sector, the Parliament voiced its support for a less onerous rule last year. Many significant projects are currently on hold because of the unsettled regulation, laments Pieper. “This drives a lot of businesses into a corner and hurts Europe’s green economy internationally,”