Everfuel develops second H2 station in Copenhagen

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Everfuel has started development of its second high-capacity green hydrogen fueling station in Copenhagen. The new H2 station will be located in the Danish capital near the H. C. Ørsted Heat and Power Station.

The facility will initially be operated as a medium capacity H2 station prepared for expansion as demand increases. Everfuel has signed a long-term land lease agreement with Ørsted for the site and has applied for permits to install the initial H2 station and to later supplement this with a high-capacity unit. Subject to completion of the permitting process, Everfuel expects the station to be operational late in the second quarter of this year.

“Demand for green hydrogen for zero emission mobility is increasing and our two existing H2 stations in Copenhagen have operated above 100% utilization for most of the past month. Last week we broke ground on our first high capacity H2 station in Copenhagen, which is expected to be operational this July, and we have now decided to go ahead and start developing our second high-capacity site.”

Jacob Krogsgaard the CEO and founder of Everfuel.

In January, Everfuel signed an agreement with Ørsted to off-take green hydrogen from a production facility at Avedøre. When the two new H2 stations are fully operational, Everfuel will have 800-1,000kg/day of 350 and 700 bar pressurized hydrogen dispensing capacity in Copenhagen to meet demand from large vehicle fleets and heavy-duty trucks and buses. Everfuel is actively pursuing one to two additional locations for installation of high capacity H2 stations in the Copenhagen area.

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