Ferrari SWB comes back with hydrogen

The English Forge Design, the “mother” of a restomod that preserves the elegance of the Berlinetta while incorporating modern touches and a revolutionary new engine that retains the V12 fractionation but looks to the future: hydrogen, has brought the Ferrari SWB back.

The Ferrari of Forge Design, called Competizione Ventidue, is inspired by the “Comp 61” version of the 250 SWB, which is distinguished by a lighter frame, especially thin aluminum bodywork (just 1.1 mm), and modifications to the engine. It emphasizes the minimalism of the shapes, molded on ultra light materials.

In actuality, the frame and bodywork are both made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Leather straps that are both attractive to look at and used to save weight secure the front hood. The back window has polycarbonate instead of glass for the same purpose.

The Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB’s round integrated front lights were kept, but Forge Design enhanced them with LED diodes rather than changing the design of the car’s lines. Thus, the Competizione Ventidue fuses the past with the future, with the engine acting as the catalyst.

In truth, to maintain tradition, the English restomod is propelled by a V12 engine, the details of which are still classified, but we do know the most crucial information: it operates on hydrogen injection.

Therefore, the method should be fairly similar to the one Toyota employs on various prototypes: no fuel cell, but rather a typical heat engine’s functioning, with the exception that there is no gasoline to burn.

The cost? Unknown, along with the quantity that will be made and the precise debut date.