Fertiberia and Iberdrola inaugurate Europe’s largest green hydrogen and ammonia plant

The Fertiberia Group and Iberdrola have inaugurated Europe’s largest green hydrogen and green ammonia plant for industrial use.

“The milestone we achieved today at our Puertollano plant makes us the first company in the world to manufacture green ammonia and CO2-free crop nutrition solutions on an industrial scale” noted Marc van Doorn from Fertiberia Group.

With an investment of €1.8 billion and the installation of 800 MW of electrolysis by 2027, the Puertollano green hydrogen project is the first in a partnership between the two companies to put Spain at the forefront of green hydrogen in Europe.

Iberdrola plans to put into operation the equivalent of 20% of the national target, which calls for the installation of 4 GW of green hydrogen by 2030.