First Hydrogen selects EDAG for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

For the development of its next generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, First Hydrogen has chosen EDAG Group (EDAG) as its design and styling partner (FCEV).

EDAG will help First Hydrogen’s ambition to make zero-emission vehicles available to fleet managers because they are global mobility engineers with expertise in commercial vehicle development.

First Hydrogen’s next generation of vans will be the company’s first entry-level cars into the mainstream market after the company’s first two light commercial vehicles, which use hydrogen fuel cell stacks, were successful. Vehicles driven by hydrogen are better suited for the business sector since they can go farther, carry more weight, and refill faster than equivalent battery-electric vehicles. The automobiles from First Hydrogen will be aerodynamic, robust, modern, and extremely functional for the driver according to the job cycle of the vehicle.

Through its ground-breaking Hydrogen-as-a-Service, First Hydrogen will provide a comprehensive answer for zero emissions mobility. The Company will assist fleet managers in making the switch away from fossil fuels by offering light commercial vehicles (LCV), a guaranteed supply of sustainably derived green hydrogen fuel, and refueling technology along with other auxiliary services.

The design and engineering specialist has been a part of the global automotive and commercial vehicle industry for decades and is renowned for both its concept cars and prototypes as well as its top-level commercial vehicle development. The business unit for commercial and off-road vehicles includes all aspects of commercial vehicle development. EDAG creates prototype parts & full vehicles in addition to designing components, modules, and whole vehicles. For First Hydrogen’s first FCEVs for the mass market, EDAG Group will develop influential design and technical concepts by bringing creativity, innovation, and a wealth of industry experience to the cooperation.