Flexens and KIP Infra to build 300MW hydrogen plant in Finland

With plans to build a 300MW facility in Kokkola, Flexens and KIP Infra have declared intentions to establish Finland’s “biggest” hydrogen production plant.

In the Kokkola Industrial Park region, where they intend to build capacity for the production of “primarily green” hydrogen and ammonia, the partners have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for a land lease.

The Finnish couple has stated that the facility would represent a significant advancement for the nation’s hydrogen industry, which would be for fulfilling energy needs and assuring self-sufficient fertilizer production. They anticipate that production will begin at the end of 2027.

Gasgrid Finland is slated to support Flexen in examining the development needs for local, regional, and national hydrogen infrastructure for the project, according to Flexen.

Additionally, the Kokkola project has teamed with Swedish-based Nordion Energi, creator of the Nordic Hydrogen Route Bothnian Bay project, which seeks to build a 1,000 km hydrogen transmission network around the Bothnian Bay and Bothnian Gulf by 2030.

Officials from the Finnish government have backed the anticipated project, with Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä stating that Kokkola is an ideal site for hydrogen projects.

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