France gets EU financing for four hydrogen projects

The European Commission has announced financing for 24 initiatives that will build the infrastructure for alternative fuels. Four of them are French initiatives aimed at building infrastructure for hydrogen.

Beyond governments, Europe is also investing money in the advancement of renewable energy sources. The Commission issued a budget of 292 million euros on September 13th to fund 24 projects spread across the trans-European transportation network (TEN-T). They should make it possible for 57 more stations to be put into service on the Old Continent in the hydrogen sector.

Four hydrogen projects in France, for a prospective deployment of 20 stations in France, four projects have been chosen:

  • For the construction of two environmentally friendly hydrogen production and distribution facilities, SAS Dijon Métropole Smart EnergHy has secured an investment of about 7 million euros.
  • For the construction of a network of four hydrogen stations spread over Vitry-sur-Seine (94), Plan d’Orgon (13), Marseille Fos (Port), and Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, Air Liquide gets funding of about 10 million euros (69)
  • With financing of 14.69 million euros allotted for the deployment of 10 stations in the Paris region, Hype Assets receives the greatest envelope.
  • Hynamics, an affiliate of the EDF company, will use the 10.21 million euros to install four hydrogen stations: one each in Dunkirk, the Vallée Sud Grand Paris, and Cannes.

These four initiatives total roughly 140 million euros in investment, with 41 million of that sum coming from European funding.

ProjectNumber of stationsTotal amount (in millions of euros)Europe financing (in millions of euros)
Dijon Mobility H2223.336.99
Liquid air431.889,564
Mob’HyZEE (Hynamics)434.0310,209

In addition to these four French projects, six other European projects have been selected by the Commission:

  • BelgHyCo (Belgium) receives nearly 11 million euros for the deployment of 3 stations in 350 and 700 bars
  • MJEV (Germany) will benefit from an envelope of 12.44 million euros for the deployment of 12 stations spread over three countries: Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, along the Scandinavian corridor
  • H2 Accelerate (Netherlands) , led by Shell, receives 17.4 million euros for the deployment of 8 hydrogen stations divided between France and the Netherlands
  • SerraHydrogenValley (Italy) will benefit from 13.74 million euros for the installation of five stations
  • Hyres2 (Netherlands) will receive 3.5 million euros to install 4 hydrogen stations
  • Clean Cities (Poland) benefit from a grant of 12.8 million euros for the deployment of five stations.