From Australia to Japan, hydrogen supply chain study initiated

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Eneos, a Japanese refiner, and Origin Energy, an Australian upstream and utility company, will collaborate to investigate a potential green hydrogen supply chain from Australia to Japan.

In Australia’s Queensland state, the study aims to provide affordable and steady carbon-free hydrogen. Origin Energy will concentrate on hydrogen generation using renewable energy sources as a source of electricity. Eneos will look into delivering hydrogen to Japan as methylcyclohexane, a liquid that fixes hydrogen with toluene and can be stored and transported at normal temperatures and pressures.

The companies are considering seeking financial assistance from their respective governments, such as Japan’s green innovation fund and Queensland’s hydrogen industry development fund, to establish a green hydrogen supply chain between Australia and Japan as quickly as feasible.

Eneos has further renewable energy projects in Australia, since the company sees the country’s pleasant weather and enormous geographical area as having significant potential for generating affordable renewable-based electricity. Eneos is working on a green hydrogen supply chain with Neoen, a renewable energy company based in Australia, as well as a solar power project in Queensland.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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