GameChange Solar unveils BifacialReflector


GameChange Solar has presented BifacialReflector, a patent-pending new technology which dramatically increases power production for the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker with bifacial modules.

The technology is a highly reflective, permanent solid surface up to 4 meters wide, which reflects light from just above ground level to the back of the bifacial modules. This technology is a significant improvement over other ideas since it is not a ground cover which has a limited life and requires constant maintenance.

BifacialReflector is a self-cleaning, long-term (40-year life) solution. The reflectors can boost the gain by up to an estimated total of 15-20% when using bifacial modules, which is approximately 5-8% extra gain versus other bifacial trackers which do not have BifacialReflector technology.

“Solar power plant owners globally have been asking for a cost-effective, long life, maintenance-free, high reflectivity (.95 albedo) ground cover to place under trackers with bifacial modules. We are excited to have been able to provide a unique and superior solution, the BifacialReflector technology. Our technology has a significant power boost for bifacial modules and has a life of 40 years with no maintenance, making it a meaningful breakthrough for the industry.”

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar.
Arnes Biogradlija

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