GAUSSIN and SYMBIO enter into a strategic partnership

A letter of intent for a strategic relationship is signed by GAUSSIN and SYMBIO. With the integration of SYMBIO’s customized H2 solutions into its ATM cars, the deal should make it feasible to speed the development of GAUSSIN’s line of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The performance of GAUSSIN cars should be improved, and their marketing should go more quickly thanks to this alliance. This collaboration broadens the scope of Symbio’s technology’s use and places its expertise at the disposal of pioneers in zero-emission transportation.

A cooperative effort for GAUSSIN

In their agreement of intent, GAUSSIN and SYMBIO agree to work together to develop a way to incorporate the Hydrogen SYMBIO technology into GAUSSIN’s ATM vehicles. If this collaboration is a success, GAUSSIN may decide to buy StackPack SYMBIO fuel cell units in order to improve performance and hasten the commissioning of its line of hydrogen cars with clients.

This relationship has innovation at its core, which creates a wealth of opportunities with a customized hydrogen solution for high-performance, low-carbon transportation applications.

A sensible approach to zero-emission transportation

A catalyst and hydrogen and air are brought into contact to create electricity in a fuel cell, which is how it works physically. The sole byproduct emitted from the chemical process is water vapor, which is utilized to power an electric motor. Therefore, this technology is especially important for the most demanding electrical applications to attain performance levels that the battery alone cannot. As a result, there are significant increases in power, time, and autonomy.