GE Renewable Energy to support development of pumped hydro storage solutions in India

Image: GE Renewable Energy

GE Renewable Energy has been selected by Megha Engineering and Infrastructure (MEIL) to supply and commission four 125 MW fixed speed pumped storage turbines for the new Kundah hydropower plant in India.

This greenfield project is part of initiatives funded by India’s central government to increase hydropower capacity locally significantly including pumped hydro storage solutions.

The policies are aimed at ensuring sustainable and flexible energy production during periods of peak demand and thus enhancing grid stability in the region.

This new plant will be run by Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO), a state government utility.

“With the measures announced by the Indian government that support hydropower development, we are confident that hydropower is playing an increasingly important role in the electricity production in India. We are proud to contribute to this expansion and start this first collaboration with MEIL. We are delighted to provide MEIL with our knowledge and proven experience in hydro storage solutions that will benefit millions of inhabitants.”

Pascal Radue, president and CEO of GE Renewable Energy Hydro Solutions.

GE Renewable Energy is responsible for the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of four pumped storage turbines and engine generators, as well as for the electronic controller, excitation system, control and safety system and part of the plant balance.

The pumped storage technology will enable the surplus energy that is available on the grid during night times and holidays to be used to generate power during the morning and evening peak demands and will help TANGEDCO to generate more profitability.

The commissioning of the plant is expected by September 2023.

Nedim Husomanovic

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