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Gen2 Energy and Vefsn municipality reached an agreement on the future acquisition and sale of two plots in Vefsn municipality for the large-scale production and shipment of green hydrogen.

The parties agree that Gen2 Energy may acquire industries in Mosjen in order to construct green hydrogen production facilities, as well as access to quays for exporting green hydrogen to markets in Europe and Norway. Gen2 Energy will construct production facilities to ensure that green hydrogen is produced in huge quantities and sent to clients in 40 foot accounts.

Jonas Meyer, general manager of Gen2 Energy says, – We are very pleased to have chosen Mosjøen as location for large-scale production of green hydrogen. Mosjøen has a good mix of cheap renewable energy, relevant labor from the process industry and good shipping opportunities.

Berit Kundålega, Mayor of Vefsn municipality says, – This is a great opportunity for us. Vefsn has a significant industrial history behind itself with aluminum production as the most extensive with a large number of associated supplier activities. The fact that there are great opportunities for the establishment within green industry, which the hydrogen manufacturer Gen2 Energy represents, means that the industrial community Vefsn receives additional legs to stand on. This means new forward-looking jobs and the basis for a strengthened population base, the mayor emphasizes.

The agreement allows Gen2 Energy to construct two manufacturing facilities: one in the Nesbreket area (about 25 goals) and another in the Holandsvika industrial area below drevjaleira (about 40 goals). Both sites must be prepared for hydrogen generation immediately. Gen2 Energy intends to begin producing green hydrogen in the first half of 2024. This is based on the assumption that all essential approvals have been obtained.

A critical component of the arrangement is that Gen2 Energy receives access to quays that enable the shipping of huge quantities of green hydrogen stored on accounts. Helgeland harbor is a party to the agreement, and the parties pledge to work together to develop viable quay alternatives in both locations.

Communication manager Trym Vassvik in Alcoa says, – Alcoa Mosjøen expects within a short time to sign a letter of intent with Gen2 Energy in connection with the establishment of Mosjøen. The parties want to investigate the potential for the development of solutions for eg. Logistics, network utilization and power, use of hydrogen and oxygen as input factors and the development of a larger market for the use of green hydrogen locally.

  • Hydrogen is expected to be a strong contributor to one zero emission society, and we in Gen2 Energy are looking forward to working on local consumption and exports, says Jonas Meyer in Gen2 Energy.
  • The negotiations have been trusting and solving-oriented, says Mayor Berit Dogåla and continues, – it provides a good basis for further efforts to ensure the establishment. Vefsn municipality is accustomed to relate to the industry and I am confident that Gen2 Energy gets a steady and predictable partner with him in the work of the establishment.
Nedim Husomanovic

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