Generac and EODev bring hydrogen fuel cell power generators to US

A formal distribution deal was reached between Generac Power Systems and EODev, a French researcher and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell power generators with zero emissions.

Generac will provide the North American market with EODev’s GEH2, a massive, zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell power generator. Some of the GEH2 generators from Generac’s initial order have already reached the United States.

The GEH2 has an immediate start and reduces noise pollution by utilizing a fuel cell and a lithium iron phosphate battery. The GEH2 can deliver up to 110 kVA of power thanks to this combination of power. The GEH2 was designed to be user-friendly and comes with event-driven outlets, standardized frequency and voltage levels, remote monitoring, and data capture.

The GEH2 delivers a silent solution without CO2, HC, NOx, or fine particle emissions. It is designed to instantly supply power to nearly any energy ecosystem. Only filtered air and warm water are released by the GEH2.