Getech has obtained exclusive rights to pursue green hydrogen and new onshore wind and solar capacity at the Port of Shoreham on England’s south coast.

The agreement, which was signed with Getech subsidiary H2 Green, provides for a two-year legally binding license to develop the renewable energy hub.

The initial phase of the project will focus on providing green hydrogen and renewable energy to the Port’s fleet of 39 heavy forklift trucks and 12 heavy goods vehicles.
Green Hydrogen will be sourced through a “scalable green hydrogen production, storage, and refueling facility whose economics will be optimized through integration with new solar and wind energy generation capacity,” according to the outfit.

The bub will then be expanded to enable decarbonisation of the over 800 heavy goods vehicles that enter Shoreham Port daily, as well as to supply fuel to port and coastal marine vessels.

Apart from the Port’s fuel and energy requirements, industries operating within and adjacent to the Port, such as gas-fired power generation, timber and steel handling, and water treatment projects, are also potential customers for the hub’s hydrogen, renewable energy, and fuel generation byproducts such as oxygen and heat.

H2 Green and Shoreham Port will now finalize detailed planning and scheduling for the renewable energy hub’s various components.

Shoreham Port Authority has committed to convert all suitable and commercially viable port vehicles to run on hydrogen and renewable energy generated at the hub in principle.

The parties anticipate moving to a structured series of final investment decisions in the second half of 2022, following completion of engineering designs and receipt of planning approvals.

Nedim Husomanovic

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