GHD Advisory and Fraunhofer Society develop UAE National Hydrogen Strategy 2030

The National Hydrogen Strategy 2030 for the UAE has been commissioned by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) and will be developed by GHD Advisory and Fraunhofer Society.

GHD and Fraunhofer intend to create the framework for the strategy with assistance from the Emirati-German Energy Partnership. By putting it into practice, it is hoped that it will promote job growth and aid in the establishment of new industries that will contribute to the economic diversification and environmental sustainability of the UAE.

GHD will expand on earlier research that evaluated crucial components required to create the overarching framework to support the creation of the strategy.

By securing 25% of the important export market for low-carbon hydrogen, according to GHD, the strategy aims to position the country as a low-cost producer and exporter of low-carbon hydrogen and support the country’s Net Zero ambitions by reducing emissions in heavy industries, energy storage, and commercial transportation.

As part of the second phase of development, GHD and Fraunhofer will present the Hydrogen Implementation Roadmap as a “whole-system approach” to establishing the hydrogen economy, emphasizing how the two sectors of the economy must work together to coordinate and carry out tasks along the entire value chain.

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