GKN Hydrogen places new order with Proton Motor for hydrogen fuel cells

GKN Hydrogen Italy has placed a second order with Proton Motor Power Units for 15 more “HyModule S8” hydrogen fuel cell systems.

The company’s Hy-brand portfolio includes the emission-free HyModule S8 system, which is built for the self-sufficient delivery of heat and energy in stationary applications. In the first nine months of 2023, the business expects to supply the HyModule S8 systems to GKN Hydrogen.

A division of the global aerospace, automotive, and powder metallurgy company GKN, which is owned by Melrose Industries plc, is GKN Hydrogen. GKN Hydrogen has now purchased a total of 46 Proton Motor HyModule S8 hydrogen fuel cell units, taking into account earlier orders. The Board of Proton Motor anticipates future orders as GKN Hydrogen continues to include the firm’s technology in its “HY2” energy systems, albeit nothing can be guaranteed.

In its own facilities and in collaboration with its clients in the residential, industrial, and transportation sectors, GKN Hydrogen is implementing the “HY2” green, sustainable power plant that is based on renewable resources. The “HY2” metal hydride storage technology has applications in plug-in electric car charging stations, off-grid power generating, and IT backup systems.

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