Grays Harbor Port to host green hydrogen project

The Grays Harbor Port Commission accepted a lease option with Invenergy, the world’s top privately held developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions.

Land and a warehouse are included in the leasing option in Satsop West Park off Keys Road. Invenergy will continue to investigate the property as a potential location for developing a brand-new facility to electrolyze “green hydrogen” throughout the option period. The plant theoretically has the capacity to produce up to 45 tons of green hydrogen free of carbon each day. The facility might start operating as soon as 2026 if the project continues.

The distinctive resources of the Satsop Business Park, such as its proximity to a strong power infrastructure and its abundance of water, piqued the interest of the green hydrogen manufacturer.

A component of the Port of Grays Harbor, Satsop Business Park is a 1,800-acre mixed-use business and industrial park with more than 500,000 square feet of usable production and storage space.