“Green Hydrogen Forum” to become European gateway for green hydrogen import

The “Green Hydrogen Forum” is launched by Belgium and Egypt with the goal of “becoming a European gateway for the import of green hydrogen.”

An international platform for renewable hydrogen is being launched by Belgium and many other participants. Tinne Van der Straeten (Green), the federal minister of energy, reaffirmed this during the Sharm el-Sheikh climate summit (COP27). The “Global Renewable Hydrogen Forum” intends to further establish Belgium as a global player in green hydrogen and to accelerate the technology’s breakthrough on a global scale. Belgians are also joining GOWA, the “OPEC for wind energy,” as our nation seeks to raise its reputation there on a global scale.

Today, more details about the agreement will be provided. The fact that this occurs on COP27’s Energy Day is not a coincidence. Together with the host nation Egypt, the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), and the UN Organization for Industrial Development, Belgium is establishing the program (Unido). Together with Egyptian President al-Sisi, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) briefly delivered the agreement last week.

The Prime Minister has stated frequently that he wants to prioritize green hydrogen in the switch to green energy and that he wants Belgium to be a global leader in this area. Tinne Van der Straeten endorses the narrative.

With the creation of the Forum and the introduction of the first hydrogen law, Belgium solidifies its position as a major center for imports into Europe. The federal government last week passed the hydrogen bill. “Belgium can become Europe’s hydrogen entry point to decarbonize the sector.”

We must eliminate fossil fuels as soon as possible if we want to stop climate change. Our reliance on conventional (fossil) fuels like coal, oil, and gas should be reduced as a result of hydrogen created with green energy.

From nations with a lot of potential for green energy, Europe (and other nations) will import a lot of green hydrogen. The Forum’s objectives include accelerating the growth of the renewable hydrogen market and locating and removing obstacles. They assert that it is crucial to establish international norms for the import of renewable hydrogen. This pertains, for instance, to maritime transportation.

In addition, there must be assurances that it relates to green or renewable green hydrogen and that there is no greenwashing (selling projects or things as “green” when they are not, ed.). For instance, initiatives utilizing gray hydrogen are already in progress.

The exporting nations will be those with significant potential for renewable energy, such as those in Africa with abundant solar energy and/or space for wind turbines. Many nations, including the host nation Egypt, Namibia, and Chile, are ready to market themselves as possible suppliers.

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