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Green hydrogen production cost 50% cheaper?


Newtrace has found a technology that makes the manufacturing of green hydrogen at least five times cheaper than conventional approaches.

After nearly a decade of studying and working in Europe, founders Prasanta Sarkar and Rochan Sinha returned to India to find the places where they had grown up dirtier, more polluted, and more prone to unexpected torrential flash showers.

Prasanta, whose father worked for ONGC, the largest crude oil and natural gas corporation in India, was always interested by energy, machinery, and hardware. While obtaining his PhD in the Netherlands, Rochan, who came from a family of physicians, had previously developed technology for renewable energy systems, such as solar fuel devices.

When they met at the headquarters of Entrepreneur First, a global network that enables company entrepreneurs connect with one other, it was practically a case of serendipity, given their similar local issues and synchronized histories.

The two creators began collaborating to develop new battery and electrolyser technologies for businesses – something inexpensive and accessible. However, they did not realize they were onto something significant until they built the electrolyser at a far lower cost than what was available on the market.

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