Green hydrogen sector needs specialized professionals

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its near future, the green hydrogen industry is generating high hopes. However, the influence of this industry on the job market has received little attention so far.

Worldwide Recruiting Energy, an expert recruitment consultant specializing in energy, agreed to conduct sectoral research with experts from the academic environment in order to examine existing labor needs and future potential.

Over 1,089 experts from 53 countries were questioned over the course of three months. And the conclusion is a 70-page analysis that reveals that engineers and chemists with hydrogen experience are the most in-demand profiles.

The primary problems that impede the sector’s growth, including generation prices, infrastructure, and a shortage of manpower, are among the topics discussed.

Engineer’s resume

The survey also conducts a quantitative examination of labor demand growth, revealing that nearly 88 percent of businesses and organizations anticipate hiring additional employees in the coming months.

Simultaneously, a qualitative analysis of the most in-demand professional profiles is carried out, with the profile of engineers, business development experts, or information systems specialists standing out.

The sort of skills required, the training required to retrain, and the development possibilities following the Covid epidemic and the invasion of Ukraine are all examined, with a lot of graphics.

Furthermore, most businesses believe that the present war in Ukraine will significantly improve the sector’s competitiveness.

A one-of-a-kind study on job opportunities in the green hydrogen industry

The research fills a void in the green hydrogen labor market. So far, there has only been evidence of partial analyses that incorporate hydrogen in conjunction with other technologies or in certain geographic locations.

Along with the poll results, the report contains a detailed explanation of the technology’s environment, regulatory structure, incentives, notable initiatives, and current events.

Finally, the research conducts many unique interviews with key thought leaders in the green hydrogen industry, who share their personal insights, recommendations, and future plans.