Green hydrogen to help decarbonize ERG’s operations

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Green hydrogen could be used in Eurasian Resources Group’s calcination kilns as part of its plan to reduce carbon emissions.

The company also plans to install an array of wind and solar power plants with up to 6 GW capacity. The group’s ESG strategy includes these efforts, which help Kazakhstan meet its own national decarbonization goals.

Specific targets have been set for the reduction of particulate emissions, waste, and water use in the group’s ESG 2030 goals, with three priorities: reducing particulate emissions by two-fold, reducing water consumption by a third, and preventing the emission of more than 2 million tons of CO2 per year. Around $1.6 billion will be spent on these projects.

A significant contribution to national climate goals will be made possible by ERG’s decarbonization commitments. As of 2022, Kazakhstan plans to reduce its national GHG emissions by 1.5% annually, reach a reduction of 15% in 2030, and work toward carbon neutrality in the future by 2060.

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