GreenIron H2 and H2 Green Steel to recycle residual and iron waste

Both H2 Green Steel and GreenIron H2 are committed to reducing emissions and increasing circularity at H2 Green Steel’s plant in Boden, which is located in Northern Sweden.

GreenIron H2 is a Swedish firm that aims to efficiently and cheaply reduce metal oxides to pure metals without using carbon dioxide. H2 Green Steel’s iron waste and residuals will be recycled through this hydrogen-based CO2-reduction technology. GreenIron H2 will install its furnaces at the H2 Green Steel plant in Boden, collecting residuals such oxidized scale and production waste for further processing with green hydrogen per GreenIron H2’s patented method. The end product will be high-quality metals that can be used again in the steelmaking process. Every year, up to 150.000 tons of garbage and residue will be culled and recycled.

Both businesses have a common goal of transitioning to a fossil fuel–free economy, and they work toward that goal by employing renewable electricity and green hydrogen in their operations. Through addressing the circularity of iron materials, the two companies hope to establish a future-proof steel mill.