Grünbeck water treatment for green hydrogen


The water treatment expert Grünbeck is advancing the energy transition by producing hydrogen with its innovations.

The electrolysis of “green” hydrogen produced from sustainably produced power serves as the foundation for this. The cleanest water is needed for this. The needs vary depending on the electrolysis process, hence either circuit treatment systems or fresh water make-up systems are utilized. They are frequently mixed. All system components are uniquely customized by Grünbeck to meet client needs before being delivered fully pre-assembled and workshop-tested on a system carrier frame.

The first desalination stage is performed by the GENO-OSMO-X reverse osmosis system. The GENO-EDI-X electrodeionization system then almost eliminates any anions and cations that are still present in the permeate it produces. An electrodialysis procedure is used in this device to continually replenish an ion exchange resin. This indicates that no new resins or chemical regeneration is required. Additionally, this ends downtimes.

In 1 to 10 MW electrolyzers, the first Grünbeck systems are already in operation, and more are being built. Orders are starting to come in for systems that have an even larger output of electricity over 100 megawatts. The Grünbeck technology serves as the foundation for the systems that are now being developed globally for hydrogen filling stations, power plants, energy-intensive industrial parks, and municipal applications.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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