GSE Solutions and NuScale Power team up on hydrogen plant model

To create a hydrogen plant model for NuScale’s VOYGRTM small modular reactor (SMR) power plant simulator, GSE Solutions and NuScale Power have signed a contract.

Using its JProTM Dynamic Simulation Software, GSE will support NuScale with the models, integration, and testing.

GSE joins NuScale Power’s clean hydrogen production research collaboration to test novel ideas for usage in small modular reactor power facilities. According to the agreement, the current NuScale control room simulator will be changed to analyze the dynamics of the Integrated Energy System (IES) and incorporate GSE’s models for hydrogen production.

The research will also assess operating characteristics and decide whether it is technically and financially feasible to connect a hydrogen production facility to a NuScale SMR power station. It is anticipated that the enlarged model would be finished by the middle of March 2024.

Before commissioning a plant, simulators can evaluate engineering modifications, control system designs, and even human factors engineering using GSE’s most precise, most advanced modeling technologies, which offer unmatched precision and detail.

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