GWEC Webinar: Offshore Wind in India Developing Supply Chain, Port Infrastructure and Logistics C

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India is ranked 5th globally in terms of installed wind capacity. During 2015, it installed 2.62 GW – bringing the total to over 25 GW. Indian wind installations accounted for a 5.8 percent share of the global market in 2015.

Among renewables, wind power accounted for almost two-thirds of the installed capacity. Wind power capacity accounted for over 8.7 percent of the total installed capacity in the country. India was also among the top 10 investing countries in renewable energy, with its commitments rising to USD 10.2 billion (EUR 8.9bn)

Official projections for 2022 are to see a total installed capacity of 60 GW of wind power in India. Recently India published the offshore wind policy. We closely support the central government and the States to facilitate the advent of an offshore wind sector at the earliest. FOWIND is at the forefront of this work.

Panelists will be discussing our latest report Supply Chain, Ports Infrastructure and Logistics Study of Offshore Wind Farm Development in the Indian states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu from the FOWIND project.

Disclaimer: The content shown in this post was not created nor does it belong to EnergyNews.biz. Credit entirely belongs to GWEC.net

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