H2FLY and Stuttgart Airport to establish Hydrogen Aviation Center

A joint venture to build the Hydrogen Aviation Center at Stuttgart Airport was started by Stuttgart-based H2FLY, a firm that specializes in the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems for aircraft.

The Hydrogen Aircraft Center, which will be run by H2FLY, would offer a central location where enterprises and academic institutions may develop concepts for zero-emission hydrogen-electric aviation and test them both on the ground and in the air inside an airport setting.

A hangar with test stands, workshops, and an integration environment for the installation and adaptation of zero-emission aircraft propulsion systems and workstations, as well as an outdoor area where hydrogen technologies can be tested in aircraft demonstrators, will make up the core of the Hydrogen Aviation Center. This infrastructure will make it possible to integrate and test operate hydrogen-electric powertrains as well as to create components and subsystems at the megawatt scale.

The Hydrogen Aviation Center, which is anticipated to open in late 2024, will serve as the focal point for these alliances and fortify close cooperation.

The state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg is providing funds for the initiative through its Ministry of Transportation, taking the lead in the transition to zero-emission aircraft, which is essential for attaining climate change goals.

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