H2i Technology produces commercial units for field testing with customers

Through its production partner in Victoria, H2i Technology has started producing 10 commercial-ready hydrogen enhancement devices that it will employ for field testing at the locations of potential clients.

H2i Technology is preparing trials with five potential clients using numerous diesel engines in the steel manufacturing, agriculture, construction, mining, and hospitality/tourism industries, which are scheduled to be finished in March.

Successful commercial experiments, according to the business, revealed that diesel engines utilizing its method could lower carbon emissions by 300 tonnes annually and fuel usage by as much as 20%.

The hydrogen enhancement system from H2i Technology, which has the hardware and exclusive software to control the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine to cut pollutants, has drawn interest from all around the world since it released the findings of its commercial tests.

The company says its main objective going ahead will be to seize additional possibilities for field testing and turn them into sales agreements. After securing customers, H2i Technology will start looking for a listing on a favorable exchange to finance furthering its international expansion.

Additionally, the company will continue to develop its software, which is expected to be market-ready for off-road vehicles by the middle of 2023 and for on-road cars by the end of the year. This software will be useful in mobility diesel engines and other fuel sources.

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