Halten Bulk gets Enova grant for hydrogen-powered ships

Halten Bulk AS has received NOK 142 million ($13.8 million) from Enova, a Norwegian state company run by the Ministry of Climate and Environment that promotes the use of renewable energy, for the construction of two hydrogen-powered ships.

The ships will be a member of a fleet that conducts operations away from the Norwegian coast and is consequently reliant on using marine gas oil until hydrogen becomes commercially available in a number of locations across Europe. Halten Bulk intends to start with a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine and add fuel cells later.

“We start with a combination of 70% hydrogen and 30% marine gas oil. The more available bunkering stations that come, the greater proportion of hydrogen we will use. Then hydrogen will also become more competitive on price,” said Ivar Christian Ulvan, manager of Halten Bulk AS.

“Enova supports those who go ahead. Halten Bulk’s hydrogen ships will contribute to developing the technology needed for hydrogen to become an effective alternative,” added Nils Kristian Nakstad, CEO of Enova.

Enova provided NOK 669 million (about $65.5 million) in late June 2022 to assist the construction of five renewable hydrogen production facilities along the Norwegian coast. Enova provided funding for seven cutting-edge hydrogen and ammonia-powered vessels totaling NOK 451.3 million ($44.1 million).

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