Hanwha plans to make hydrogen using biogas

The Hanwha Construction Division will establish a biogas-based hydrogen production company.

At the Hanwha Building in Jangjang-dong, Seoul, the Hanwha Construction Division and Panasia, a company that specializes in environmentally friendly buildings, signed a business contract. As a result, the two businesses intend to maintain their competitiveness in the development of green hydrogen production technology for carbon neutrality by constantly exploring new forms of cooperation, such as the combined creation and marketing of biogas-based hydrogen production technology.

A gas called biogas is created when organic wastes like sewage sludge, food scraps, and cattle manure break down. It can be transformed into city gas or hydrogen for usage after a series of processing steps, garnering interest as a novel and renewable energy source.

The public and private sectors were forced to create more biogas than required as the “Biogas Promotion Act” for the development of a biogas ecosystem was approved by the National Assembly’s plenary session on the 8th. As a result, biogas producers can anticipate generating more money by offering both verified production performance and gas sales revenue.

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