Honda expands use of hydrogen

Honda is extending the usage of hydrogen beyond only automobiles on the road to encompass trucks and construction machinery, electricity for buildings, and potentially space travel.

The fuel cell stack for the new fuel cell car that Honda Motor expects to release in 2019 was created in collaboration with General Motors of the United States. Honda’s fuel cells will cost about as much as diesel engines by 2030.

According to its operational executive, Arata Ichinose, the new fuel cell stack, which charges more quickly than earlier models, will be manufactured in Ohio before being distributed to other North American and Japanese sites.

All of the world’s automakers, even up-and-comers like Tesla, are developing electric cars, fuel cell cars, and hybrid systems that alternate between using a gas engine and a green technology.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, this country’s NASA, will receive Honda’s fuel stack. Honda is collaborating with the Japanese truck manufacturer Isuzu Motors and has started testing hydrogen-powered commercial trucks in China with Dongfeng Motor. This month, a Honda facility in the United States began receiving electricity from a Honda fuel cell.

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