Hydra Energy starts building world’s largest hydrogen filling station

Hydra Energy has started building what it says will be the biggest hydrogen filling station in the world.

Constructed in Prince George, British Columbia, it will supply diesel to vehicles traveling between the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Dymin Mechanical of Prince George, BC is Hydra Energy’s first paying customer. Hydra Energy offers hydrogen-as-a-service through hybrid retrofits that, according to the company, reduce fuel consumption by 40%.

Over the course of a year, Dymin Mechanical will be responsible for 12 of the 65 vehicles that visit the gas station. The five-acre hydrogen station will generate 3,250 kg of hydrogen per day and have enough filling bays to accommodate 24 Hydra-converted vehicles every hour. Two 5-megawatt electrolyzers will be installed on-site to generate hydrogen.

It is anticipated that the filling station would open sometime in the first half of 2024.