Hydrogen corridor to contribute greatly to Turkey


Alexander Gerbec, Chairman of ECUBES “In the event of formation, Turkey will become a vital country in the corridors of power.” This corridor will contribute tens of times more to the Turkish economy than natural gas and solid fuels.

In this regard, ECUBES Chairman Alexander Gerbec and Professor Matjaz Knez, who were invited to Turkey as a Partner of SolarAPEX as part of the EIF 2021 events, made significant statements about the importance of Green Hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources in the fight against climate change.

“Due to global warming, the ice on the poles and on the glaciers is melting, causing sea levels to rise and drinking water sources fed by glaciers to dry up,” ECUBES Chairman Alexander Gerbec said, adding that climate extremes and disasters such as droughts, fires, hurricanes, and floods are expected to become more frequent. We confront a grave scenario when we consider natural catastrophes, increasing sea levels, diminishing drinking water resources, diminishing arable land, and environmental challenges that cause environmental degradation, such as desertification, deforestation, soil erosion, and pollution. Climate change, which is connected with environmental issues, is already creating scarcity of essential life resources like water and food in some regions of the world.

“If Turkey establishes a hydrogen corridor in the globe, it will become an indispensable country of energy,” Gerbec said of the importance of hydrogen for Turkey and its contribution to the Turkish economy. This corridor will contribute tens of times more to the Turkish economy than natural gas and solid fuels. As a bonus, Turkish enterprises will be able to compete more effectively in imports thanks to hydrogen, which will generate additional revenue for them. Turkey’s work in the field of hydrogen, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, would propel the country to the top of the globe,” he said, emphasizing the significance of the problem.

In addition, Alexander Gerbec, Professor Matjaz Knez, and SolarAPEX General Manager Fatih Doan attended the ‘Hydrogen Car Making’ event with the children at the EF 2021 SolarAPEX exhibit, where they emphasized the importance of hydrogen in practice.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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