Hydrogen Denmark calls for long-term framework from government

The government program contains some positive initiatives, but it would have been ideal if PTX and hydrogen had taken a more strategic position in the new administration.

These are the words of Hydrogen Denmark, a group that thinks there is only one solution to the problems with energy, supplies, and the environment.

“The solution in both cases is a major development of renewable energy capacities, and hydrogen and PtX are necessary for this in order to convert the unconnected sections of the economy. There may have been a more obvious unifying theme throughout the government platform “Tejs Laustsen Jensen, Director of Hydrogen Denmark, praises the incoming administration for its cooperation in a news statement.

Tejs Laustsen Jensen applauds the new trio for emphasizing the implementation of the green energy and climate programs and thinks it is quite appropriate for the government to strengthen its climate aspirations.

The CEO is also happy that the government’s platform emphasizes effective grid use and calls for large-scale energy conversion to be taken into account in both grid expansion and a reduction in the usage of green energy.

“This calls for a major tariff reform so that we can produce green fuels instead of needlessly overinvesting in copper and cables. In this perspective, it is also encouraging that heavy transport is finally beginning to transition to a greener model, both on land and in the air “Tejs Laustsen agrees, praising the government’s decision to take a proactive role in the creation of a new European industrial policy.

Tejs Laustsen Jensen asserts that this is crucial for safeguarding the Danish and European hydrogen sector, which is crucial in and of itself. both for supply security and geopolitical concerns.