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Experts from the European aeronautics and hydrogen research communities convened for a meeting organized by the Clean Sky and FCH Joint Undertakings to discuss future research and innovation collaboration.

The attendees reviewed the development of a European hydrogen-powered aviation roadmap, as well as the upcoming Work Programs of the future Clean Aviation and Clean Hydrogen European partnerships, as well as potential synergies and complimentary issue areas for the first call for proposals.

Hydrogen-powered aircraft are viewed as a viable solution for assisting Europe in meeting its Green Deal goal of climate neutrality by 2050. With the capacity to collaborate, and with the proper structures and funds in place, the Clean Aviation and Clean Hydrogen partnerships might play a critical role in producing hydrogen-powered aircraft demonstrations by 2030, with a view to commercialization by 2035.

The workshop’s talks were divided into four technical sessions: requirements for H2 aircraft, fuel on board and storage, propulsion architectures based on H2 Fuel Cells, and propulsion architectures based on H2-combustion turbines.

Read the full overview of key messages here

Nedim Husomanovic

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