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Hynion and Greenlogix have formed a joint venture to commercialize a new manufacturing process that produces hydrogen for Hynion’s hydrogen filling stations as well as commercially viable solid-state carbon.

The goal is to maintain a consistent supply of hydrogen and carbon in order to meet the growing demand for clean fuel and new materials for high-tech construction.

Both partners have successfully validated the technology principles and are now ready to build a pilot plant to demonstrate the technology in a real-world setting, integrating a Greenlogix manufacturing plant with a Hynion next-generation hydrogen station. The precise site in Scandinavia will be revealed at a later date.

“Our technology is a catalytic conversion unit that can make use of any hydrocarbon and split it in pure carbon and hydrogen. It uses less energy than all other know processes and gives clean product streams – and it emits no CO2or other greenhouse gases. We have developed and tested the technology over a longer period, and it is now ready for pilot plant operation,” says Manfred Lenzi, CEO of AGT.

“We are excited to enter into this collaboration with Greenlogix. By combining the plant and the station, we will make use of both product streams in a very efficient way. This setup will make hydrogen competitive with diesel for long-haul transports. And in addition, there is a revenue stream from carbon sales, which makes it possible to move faster towards our target of becoming a profitable hydrogen fuel retailer,” says Ulf Hafseld, CEO of Hynion.

The prototype plant will produce enough hydrogen to power a small fleet of trucks or a taxi fleet of up to 200 vehicles. Additionally, it will produce solid-state carbon with desirable properties for novel high-tech applications. Capacity can be expanded modularly to meet growing demand.

“The pilot plant will be built to verify the concept and finetune the technology. Later, we plan to expand with more stations with on-site production in Scandinavia and Europe,” concludes Ulf Hafseld.

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