Hypion orders hydrogen containers from Wystrach for Neumünster hub

For a total of EUR 2.2 million, Hypion GmbH has bought three 40-foot hydrogen transport containers from Wystrach, a division of Hexagon Purus of Norway, with delivery scheduled for 2024.

The containers will be installed in the Neumünster H2 hub, which is scheduled to be finished in Q2 2023. As part of plans to establish a network of ten hydrogen filling stations for commercial vehicles and heavy-duty lorries in north Germany, the target is to recharge 800 kilograms of hydrogen every day.

Over 5,000 tons of CO2 per year will be saved by heavy-duty lorries being able to recharge with about 2,000 kilos of hydrogen each day. For use in 40-ton tractor units next year, Hypion and its partners plan to put up an integrated system encompassing hydrogen generation, transport, and sales.

The Climate and Transformation Fund of Germany provided 4.9 million euros to the H2 hub, and the companies participating contributed millions as well.