Hyundai E&C develops eco-friendly hydrogen production tech

Hyundai E&C will begin researching technology to absorb and liquefy carbon dioxide in order to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen.

Hyundai E&C announced that it had been selected as the research and development institution in charge of the national project in the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Information and Communication’s UCC (carbon dioxide capture and utilization) field related to blue hydrogen, and signed an agreement on the 8th.

With a total research cost of 33.5 billion won (government-supported development cost of 19.5 billion won), this project aims to “optimize and demonstrate a hybrid carbon dioxide capture and liquefaction method for blue hydrogen generation.”

The duration of the study is two years and nine months. The objective is to integrate the technology by establishing a 1 million-ton yearly commercialization process after on-site demonstrations in Pyeongtaek’s hydrogen-specialized region.

The task’s mission is to create low-energy carbon dioxide capture and liquefaction technology with a 90% recovery rate and a purity of 95% or higher, with the goal of securing world-class technology and bringing it to the United States.

This national initiative involves twelve organizations, including Hyundai E&C, Hyundai Motor Company, Lotte Chemical, Energy Technology Research Institute, Sunny Environment Industry, Ido, and Korea Special Gas.

Hyundai E&C intends to expand its applicability to commercial sites that create huge amounts of carbon dioxide when the technological development phase is completed.

It also intends to form a close working relationship with related organizations in order to use the liquefied carbonic acid directly through the carbon dioxide liquefaction process, sell it as a special gas after a high-purity refining process, or convert it chemically to produce synthetic fuels and chemical products.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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