Hyzon Motors uses eAxle to enable high-efficiency hydrogen and battery trucks

Image: HYZON Motors

Hyzon Motors has announced the development of a new eAxle design for 6×4 Class-8 commercial vehicles that provides extremely high efficiency.

Through a definitive business combination agreement with Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation, Hyzon is able to bring this ground-breaking innovation to market ahead of its public listing.

Hyzon’s eAxle eliminates right-angle hypoid gears and uses a single motor per wheel for optimal low- and high-speed performance. When combined with a virtual differential, the design achieves up to 97 percent efficiency, compared to the industry standard of 95 percent.

The eAxle can cut motor-to-wheel loss by up to 40% while also allowing full torque regenerative braking. Hyzon expects to incorporate an all-in-one electric powertrain in its next generation Class-8 heavy trucks with this innovation, which will provide best-in-class performance with an estimated electrical fuel economy of up to 19.7 mpge at full load over the CARB HHDDT drive cycle.

With a peak power of 950kW, the ability to climb 20%+ grades, a 0-60 acceleration rate of less than 20 seconds with a fully loaded trailer, and electronically governed speeds up to 75 mph, Hyzon expects its Class-8 heavy trucks to outperform competing EVs.

Hyzon plans to accomplish this by combining specialized motors in each tandem to achieve the impressive efficiency levels. Furthermore, Hyzon’s eAxle could result in a significant weight reduction, which is critical for maintaining payload levels in both battery and hydrogen vehicles. The technology is currently under consideration for a patent.

Hyzon plans to manufacture eAxles in its US facilities for its hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy- and medium-trucks, with first sample models ready for deployment next year.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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