IH2A and Kerala govt partner on Kochi Green Hydrogen Hub

Together, the Kerala government and the India Hydrogen Alliance (IH2A) are assessing a proposal for the construction of the Kochi Green Hydrogen (KGH2) Hub, a sizable green hydrogen hub with a variety of applications.

In order to establish a 60-tonnes per day (TPD) green hydrogen plant with a 150 MW electrolyser, storage, and infrastructure, which may scale to gigawatts and create the hydrogen economy in Kerala, the project anticipates a potential capital investment of USD 575 million.

The initial phase of the project concentrates on the transportation use case, coinciding with the state government’s ambitions for zero-emission transportation to power fleets of 60 Hydrogen-ICE converted buses and construct the necessary infrastructure. The second phase is anticipated to see capacity increase and hub scalability driven by the industrial demand for green hydrogen from refineries, fertilizer, and chemical industries.

In addition, IH2A has suggested a two-tier governance structure for KGH2, with a public-private advisory committee collaborating with project consortia structures or special purpose entities (SPVs) to carry out the suggested strategy. The Government of Kerela will continue to receive advice from IH2A regarding the commercialization of hydrogen and project development in the state.

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