India hops on hydrogen revolution

India has said it wants to take part in this hydrogen revolution. According to the Harnessing Green Hydrogen research by NITI Aayog and RMI, India is in a good position to convert some of the lowest realized renewable energy costs in the world directly into a competitive green hydrogen economy.

The manufacturing of hydrogen here at home will greatly increase energy security. A transporter of energy with a competitive price may also offer unique opportunities for trade in commodities and energy. As a result, businesses in India may focus on the export of green hydrogen and low-carbon goods containing hydrogen, such as green ammonia and green steel.

As a result, the cost at which fossil fuel-derived grey or blue hydrogen is competitive with green hydrogen can be reduced. As a result, end products like green ammonia, which is made from green hydrogen, may be impacted, and it might take longer than anticipated for green industrial products to compete on price.

Analysis of fertilizer factories in Uttar Pradesh reveals that grey ammonia is currently 10% more expensive than green ammonia at the current high LNG rates, even without the incentives stipulated in India’s Green Hydrogen program. With greater supply-side incentives, the value case of green ammonia might become more compelling. Governments now have the financial flexibility they need to facilitate the transition since even for less developed products, like green steel, the green premium required to make them competitive is rapidly dropping.

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