Insplorion shifts focus on hydrogen

The interest in Insplorion’s hydrogen-measuring technology has grown steadily during the past year.

The hydrogen industry is in the midst of profound transformation, with massive expenditures predicted across the globe in order to reach ambitious sustainability targets. Hydrogen is an essential energy carrier in this endeavor and so plays a pivotal role. The Hydrogen Council, in conjunction with the strategy and consulting firm McKinsey & Company, estimates that by 2030, up to USD 500 billion will be invested in the hydrogen business field to support the many efforts already underway.

The production of hydrogen will need to take place on a massive scale. In particular, in the next decades, an enormous quantity of green hydrogen will be needed to replace hydrogen produced from fossil fuels (natural gas and coal). After that, it will be kept, transported, and put to use in a wide variety of final products. Hydrogen measurements will be required at various points in these processes to check for excess or deficiency, or to simply detect the presence of hydrogen in areas where it is not wanted. Future hydrogen production and use will also likely be closer to end users, which will lead to an increase in safety requirements.

There are numerous opportunities for valuable measurement in the hydrogen industry. Also, the exact date of implementation is unclear. Therefore, we are committed to our strategy of prioritizing applications at the earliest feasible stage in the value chain, achieved through customer and partner interaction.

While the hydrogen industry is making strides, the market for nitrogen dioxide sensors to evaluate air quality is still in its infancy and there are already proven sensor technologies available.