InvestChile’s portfolio at $28,3M, including $29M in green hydrogen projects

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Chile, InvestChile, had a portfolio of 476 foreign investment projects in various stages of development with a value of US $28,345 million as of December 2022. In comparison to December 2021, when it was US $27,776 million, this amount is 2% greater.

18,866 employment were related with the initiatives that the government funded. Of the whole portfolio, US $12,296 million has been allocated to Chilean initiatives and projects in the planning stages. Over 5,300 jobs have been generated by these 95 initiatives, which is 32% more than in 2021, and they are already boosting our economy.

With 62 projects worth US $11,536 million, the Energy sector once again dominated the portfolio. Next came the Global and Technology Service sectors with US $7,070 million, followed by Mining and mining suppliers with US $5,191 million.

The USA was the most represented nation in the project portfolio, with projects totaling US $8,174 million, a 49% increase over 2021. With projects worth US $4,673 million, China came in second, and US $2,806 million worth of projects from Canada took third.

After the success of the first open invitation to build production plants in Chile, which was tendered in late 2021, InvestChile and the Energy Ministry stepped increased their support for foreign businesses interested in investing in green hydrogen projects in 2022.

As a result, by the end of 2022, the agency was funding 18 projects totaling US $29,600 million from businesses in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Austria, and Norway. Although the agency supports these projects, they have not yet been included to InvestChile’s portfolio because they are still in the planning stages before environmental assessments.

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