Italian region aims to produce green hydrogen in abandoned industrial zones

The goal of Emilia-Romagna is to produce green hydrogen in defunct industrial zones.

The objective is to establish new “clean energy” manufacturing facilities, particularly in regions with energy-intensive manufacturing facilities, such as those for ceramics, cement, paper, petrochemicals, and logistics. And for precisely this reason, the new plants’ production will need to reach a capacity of between 1 and 10 megawatts.

In fact, a first non-repayable loan of 19.5 million euros has been prepared with funds from the PNRR allocated by the Government in response to viale Aldo Moro’s inclusion in the region already last year, to the manifestation of interest foreseen by a specific notice of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The Region will start supporting these investments in the coming weeks.

With a draft Agreement to be signed with the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, the regional council, headed by president Stefano Bonaccini, has started the process to approve, by January 31, 2023, a first tender which will select projects for the construction of renewable hydrogen production plants in abandoned industrial areas identified by municipal urban planning (Mase).

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