Johnson Matthey has announced the merger of its Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells businesses into a new Hydrogen Technologies division.

JM’s expansion and scale-up in both sectors will be accelerated by the new merged business unit, which will take advantage of technical and production synergies and draw on JM’s decades of experience designing and manufacturing market-leading fuel cell components.

The combination of the two companies builds on JM’s leading technology, with the global hydrogen industry expected to develop at an exponential rate due to clean hydrogen’s critical role in decarbonisation. Green hydrogen demand is expected to rise from a modest market today to nearly ten-fold increase in hydrogen demand between now and 2050, along with blue hydrogen demand, while the hydrogen fuel cell industry is expected to grow more than three-fold through 2027.

Ralph Calmes, who has been named Managing Director Hydrogen Technologies, will lead the new Hydrogen Technologies business. Ralph, who formerly oversaw JM’s Platinum Group Metal Services division, will assume this job on October 1st, reporting directly to Eugene McKenna (Green Hydrogen) and Jo Godden (Fuel Cells). Ralph will report to Robert Macleod, Group Chief Executive.

The blue hydrogen team of Johnson Matthey will remain in the Efficient Natural Resources sector.

Ralph Calmes commented: “Hydrogen has enormous potential in the decarbonisation of society. Bringing together our Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cell businesses further demonstrates JM’s commitment to building the hydrogen economy and progressing towards net-zero. Our extensive knowledge in metals management, which encompasses recycling and building up steps into closed loop industries, will also enable us to leverage our world leading pgm chemistry and manufacturing experience to target rapid growth in both markets.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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