Keyou studies hydrogen trucks and their refilling

Keyou wants to collaborate with others to test hydrogen fueling and transportation. The task requires the usage of four vehicles.

When it comes to transportation logistics, Keyou is investigating the potential of hydrogen as part of a larger study initiative. Hydrogen truck technology will be created as part of the HyCET (Hydrogen Combustion Engine Trucks) initiative. Additionally, hydrogen refueling stations will be established.

Two 18-ton and two 40-ton trucks powered by hydrogen combustion engines will be constructed and put through their paces in normal BMW and Deutz-Logistics service. Additionally, Total Energies plans to construct two public hydrogen filling stations in the Leipzig and Nuremberg areas.

BMW will oversee the trial run of an 18-ton truck at the Leipzig assembly line, among other things. Drive specialist Deutz would like to retrofit one of these vehicles with its 7.8-liter hydrogen engine. In order to power their 13-liter vehicle, Volvo and Keyou are developing a hydrogen engine. DHL Freight will test the supply to the BMW factory in Leipzig using two 40-ton trucks powered by Volvo engines and equipped with hydrogen storage tanks.

The work began in September of this year, and it is slated to be completed in 2020. Deutz, DHL Freight, Keyou, Total Energies Marketing Germany, and Volvo are part of the partnership that BMW is leading. The research project is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) to the tune of 11.3 million euros, with an additional 5.7 million euros coming from the BMDV to build hydrogen filling stations.

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