Kia unveils ‘hydrogen light tactical vehicle concept 

IDEX Defense Expo is the largest international defense trade event in the Middle East and Africa. Since 1993, it has been conducted every two years, and Kia has taken part since 2015.

In addition to displaying the “armored search vehicle” and “bear chassis,” two small tactical vehicles aimed at the Middle East, a significant market, Kia will debut the “hydrogen ATV (hydrogen East Sea-powered light tactical vehicle) concept car” this year for the first time overseas.

the hydrant ATV concept car is a vehicle that uses hydrogen power from the current ATV concept car’s engine-driven counterpart. It is distinguished by its ability to securely do tasks while navigating quietly.

The armored search vehicle has outstanding agility and safety features like detonation pressure relief seats and tempered bulletproof glass. These features further increase passenger survival.

The basic foundation of the vehicle, the frame, and the engine, are all that are included in the bare chassis, making it a vehicle with expandability that may be created with other types of equipment, including armored vehicles. The creation of numerous mobile devices employing bare chassis has begun in the Middle East market.

According to Kia, the small tactical vehicle has the best performance in its class thanks to a 225-horsepower engine and an eight-speed automated transmission. Since its mass manufacturing began in 8, Kia’s tiny tactical vehicle has served as the military’s official mode of mobility.

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