Kohaigen chooses Emerson as automation partner for hydrogen charging stations

Emerson started a project to build hydrogen infrastructure after being chosen as an automation partner by Kohaigen, a special purpose business for hydrogen charging stations for commercial vehicles.

By lowering greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging investment in hydrogen energy, the construction project for hydrogen infrastructure, in which Emerson Korea and Kohaizen participate, has the significant objective of expediting the transition to a net zero global economy.

With a charging capacity of 300kg/h, the Jeonju Pyunghwa Hydrogen Refueling Station is the first hydrogen refueling station in Kohaizen. This capacity is designed for charging hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles including buses and trucks, and it has a charging rate of up to 15 commercial vehicles per hour and more than 100 vehicles per day. By 2025, Kohaizen intends to develop 35 liquefied hydrogen and large-capacity gas filling stations across the country.

Emerson will provide crucial automation solutions for the COHAIZEN hydrogen filling station, including PLC station control solutions with remote monitoring capabilities, valve solutions for controlling hydrogen flow, and solutions for measuring hydrogen temperature, pressure, and flow. Using this information as a foundation, it intends to create a hydrogen charging model that maximizes worldwide competitiveness and increase its support for the growth of the domestic hydrogen industry.

Additionally, the two businesses intend to keep working together with the aim of establishing domestic hydrogen and liquefied hydrogen charging station technology standards in the future based on how well they perform in the domestic market and growing their business to establish an international hydrogen charging infrastructure supply chain. Kohaigen intends to extend the use of its hydrogen supply platform to other forms of transportation, such as hydrogen ships and urban air mobility (UAM).