Korean companies partner on infrastructure for liquefied hydrogen in Boryeong

At the Boryeong City Hall, Korea Midland Power inked an MOU with Boryeong City, SK E&S, and Korea Energy Engineering University to work together on building the basic infrastructure for liquefied hydrogen in Boryeong with the aim of developing a sustainable hydrogen industrial ecosystem.

While Boryeong City and SK E&S intend to actively pursue administrative and financial support, linking jobs through industry-academia-research cooperation, and corporate technology transfer, KOMIPO supports the establishment of a hydrogen lab, expands hydrogen-using power generation infrastructure, and works to nurture local manpower.

Breaking away from the current fragmentary and intermittent research and development, the College of Energy Engineering resolved to collaborate in the development of core hydrogen supply technologies and the growth of professional people resources as an energy-specialized institution (R&D).

At the headquarters of Boryeong Power, idle land has been purchased for 2.5 trillion won by Korea Midland Power and SK E&S in order to construct the largest blue hydrogen production base in the entire globe. The blue hydrogen production facility will provide 50,000 tons of liquid hydrogen per year for transportation starting in 2026.

KOMIPO anticipates that by localizing hydrogen liquefaction technology—a crucial technology for hydrogen distribution for mobility—through this partnership, it will help to revive the hydrogen industry.

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