Large-scale green hydrogen system to be tested In Orkney

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A commercial-scale green hydrogen storage technology will increase the energy security and dependability of the electrical grid in Orkney.

H2GO’s intelligent hydrogen storage technology could remove approximately 225,000 gallons of diesel used by homeowners for home heat and power and the resulting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions over its 30-year lifetime.

It could displace up to 7,500 gallons of diesel and 90 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

The innovative energy management system has earned £4.3million in funding from the department of business, energy, and industrial strategy’s (BEIS) £1billion net zero innovation portfolio, which aims to foster innovation in the hydrogen supply.

The project consortium members are diverse, but include European Marine Energy Centre of Stromness (EMEC).

The autonomous, artificial intelligence (AI)-integrated system of H2GO stores and dispenses hydrogen in solid-state materials, resulting in potential savings of up to 55% compared to compressing and storing hydrogen at high pressures.

Greg Hands, the United Kingdom’s energy minister, remarked, “Thanks to the innovative efforts of enterprises like H2GO Power, the United Kingdom is leading the world in hydrogen innovation.”

This financing will assist in accelerating the development of hydrogen as “the future’s clean, inexpensive, domestic superfuel,” according to Mr. Hands.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the viability of using green hydrogen for utility-scale storage on the island and to exhibit commercial use cases such as hydrogen refueling stations, industrial heat and power, and hydrogen blending into gas networks.

H2GO Power foresees the technology’s applicability for long-term energy storage for power and grid stability applications as these markets evolve over the medium term.

The project is anticipated to generate 100 extra jobs through H2GO Power by 2026 and an additional 50 jobs through the other partners.

Dr. Enass Abo-Hamed, CEO of H2GO Power, stated that this deployment demonstrates how utilizing low-pressure, green hydrogen generated by wind and tidal energy can deliver higher efficiency and lower costs at scale while allowing island residents to rely more on cleaner grid power than their diesel generators.

This project has the ability to power up to seventy houses and reduce the levelized cost of hydrogen in order to make it competitive with natural gas.

Moving away from fossil fuels is everyone’s top goal, both in the short-term due to the global energy crisis and the long-term due to climate change.

“On a large scale, it is technology like ours that meet all of the government’s decarbonisation goals, including economics, security, and dependability.”

Nedim Husomanovic

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