Linga New Energies established to provide green hydrogen tech hub in India

A new business unit called “Linga New Energies” has been founded in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India by Carbon Governance, a Singapore-based subsidiary of LNG Alliance, to act as a technology hub for green hydrogen in that country and Southeast Asia.

India has a particular advantage over other countries in terms of cheap renewable electricity, which opens the door for green hydrogen to become the most practical option for achieving carbon neutrality in the future.

The goal of Linga New Energies is to capitalize on Tamil Nadu’s robust skill base and solar power and wind farm capabilities. The biggest installed wind power capacity in India is found in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, which accounts for over one-fourth of the country’s total installed capacity. Tamil Nadu also has one of the highest potentials for offshore wind farms thanks to its 1076 km long coastline. By 2030, Tamil Nadu intends to develop 20,000 MW of solar capacity, which will make a substantial contribution to the national energy goal of zero emissions.

Murali Dharan, Director for New Energies, said “Linga New Energies will focus on renewables based derivatives such as Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia – the new fuel sources which are gaining popularity in the energy sphere. Hydrogen demand in India is expected to grow more than four times by 2050, that could represent 10% of the global market. In addition to this, we will work towards enhancing the capacity building for affordable Battery Energy Storage Systems, where we see a great market opportunity in India.”